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How to watch the Free Fire World Series 2019

This will be the second international tournament for the mobile game

Image via Garena

The biggest tournament to date for Garena: Free Fire is just around the corner.

Twelve teams from around the world will battle it out this Saturday for their share of the $400,000 prize pool. The Free Fire World Series 2019 will be held at the Barra Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Nov. 16.



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Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament.


Eight rounds will be played on the two classic maps of the battle royale game: Bermuda and Purgatory.

The first round will be played on Bermuda, while the second will be played on Purgatory. This order will repeat until the eighth match.

A “Booyah!” will grant 300 points while a kill grants 20 points. Subsequent rankings will grant lesser points.

The team with the highest points after eight rounds will be crowned the champion of the Free Fire World Series 2019.


The first seeds from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, North America, Latin America South, Latin America North, Chinese Taipei and Malaysia, India MENA, Europe, and Russia will be making their way to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the World Series. As the host, the top two Brazilian teams will be participating in the tournament.

Dranix Esports (Indonesia)

Team Flash (Vietnam)

Corinthians (Brazil)

Arctic Gaming Mexico (North America)

Infinity Esports Mobile (Latam North)

Samurai Team (Latam South)

LOUD (Brazil)

Illuminate (Thailand)

Sbornaya ChR (EU/Russia)

LGDS (Taiwan/Malaysia)

Nawabzade (India)

Infinity_YT (MENA)


The tournament will be streamed on YouTube in 10 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, and Vietnamese. Fans can tune in on Nov. 16 to watch all the action unfold live at the Barra Olympic Park. A live performance by Brazilian DJ and record producer Alok will also be held at the World Series.

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All teams at the PMCO Fall Split Global Championship have been confirmed

The tournament will be held from Nov. 23 to Dec.1.

Image via Tencent

With the conclusion of the regional finals for all the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) regions, all teams at the PMCO Fall Split Global Championship have been locked in. The championship will be played from Nov. 23 to Dec. 1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   

PMCO Preliminary Round

The prelims of the PMCO will be held from Nov. 23 to 25. The second-placed teams of the regional tournaments from the Wildcard region, Japan, Korea, South America, and MENA will be playing in the prelims.

The runners-up and third-placed squad from North America, and Europe region have also secured slots at the prelims.

Three teams from Southeast Asia as well as the third to fifth-placed teams from the South Asia regional finals will be battling

China has received one direct invite to the prelims.

Tempo Storm (North America)

OMEN Elite (North America)

Asterion Myth (Europe)

Futbolist (Europe)

SynerGE (South Asia)

Team Insidious (South Asia)

Team IND (South Asia)


RED Canids (South America)

Kimchi Kids Café (Korea)

DeToNator (Japan)

Nomad Gaming (Wildcard region)

Bigetron (Southeast Asia)

Orange Esports. CG (Southeast Asia)

MEGA Conqueror (Southeast Asia)

Victory Five (China)

The top three teams from the final standings of the prelims will advance to the PMCO Fall Split Global Finals.

PMCO Global Finals

The global finals will be played from Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The winners of all the regional tournaments including the runners-up from the Southeast Asia and South Asia finals will be participating in the tournament.

The defending champions, Top Esports have directly qualified for the global finals. The host country, Malaysia has also received one guaranteed slot at the finals.

Cloud9 (North America)

Team Unique (Europe)

Entity Gaming (South Asia)

Team Soul (South Asia)

Kurd Squad (MENA)

Team Queso (South America)

EGC KR Black (Korea)

ARG Wistaria (Japan)

Unicorn Gaming (Wildcard region)

RRQ Atena (Southeast Asia)

ILLUMINATE (Southeast Asia)

Yoodo Gank (Malaysia)

Top Esports (China)

Winner of the PMCO Prelims

Runners-up of the PMCO Prelims


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