What Do I Talk About in This Video?
►Playing some Ace Wins Poker proving the games are fair and genuine, even if you are playing against a poker bot! The bots are only temporary for people to learn the game and have players playing as the game grows. The bots can’t see your cards or cheat, all games are provably fair here at Ace Wins! See you at the tables good luck!
► Watch My Entire Video To See It All! 🙂

“Bits are a Way to Pay and Invest in Things Online”
– Bitsaway1

Ace Wins Bitcoin Poker is Live! ►
Blackjack & Roulette can be played from the main dashboard.
Poker Login ►

How to Play Ace Wins Poker Tutorial Video ►

How to Use Poker: (From Ace Returns)
Click “banking” and then click “Buy Chips”.

Send BTC to the address and once 6 confirmations are completed, click Update CHIPS Balance. Your balance will be credited automatically.

Note: Each BTC address is valid only for a single transaction.

If you want to sell your CHIPS, click Sell Chips and proceed. For the next few days it will be processed manually. Later I’ll make it automatic. When you sell the chips, equivalent BTC will be transferred to your Acewins.io wallet. You can withdraw your BTC from acewins.io Ill try to make this automatic in the next 4 to 5 days. (However, the withdrawals at acewins.io will be processed manually for security reasons).

My Interview with Creator of Ace Wins ►

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Trade Ace on Saturn Exchange:

Ace Wins Contract Address:
Decimal: 10
Symbol: Ace1

Use Meta Mask to Store Your Tokens:

Use MEW to Send Tokens:

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