What are the Top 5 financial apps in the market currently? So in this video im going to break it down the top 5 financial apps, for investing, savings, budgeting, checkings, and even go over the apps I didn’t choose and why.

top 5 best financial apps

Investment Apps:
Robinhood: Investing active, Trading
– Pro: You get free Trading, They have Debit card ( Dividends), Borrow on a Margin ( Super risky)
– Con: You cant buy fractional shares, so full price for everything.

Acorns: For Savings money and Investig it ( I made 21% in one Year)
Pros: Start Investing with 5$, Fractional shares, Simple to understand portfolios, No management fee
Cons: Not as much freedom to selecting investments ( which I don’t mind because im it for the long run)
However: I would like a feature to borrow against my portfolio

M1 Finance: Also for investing and similar to Acorn but with more freedom
Pros: Select more Funds/ stocks, Fractional shares, Build custom portfolios
Con: No real-time trades ( so picking stocks is not the best idea), m1 Finance plus (it’s mediocre)
Tip: I have a full review on them ( I love the investing its just the plus features you don’t need)

Sofi: Hybrid savings and Checkings
Pros: you get unlimited ATMs worldwide, can talk to a financial advisor, Earn 1.60% APY, and set Up Vaults, FDIC 1.5million
Con: Can’t deposit cash, ( But you can bank to a bank transfer, deposit checks, or direct deposit)

varo: Checkings and Savings
Pro: You can deposit cash ( Green dot fee 4.95), High Yield savings 2.80% (direct deposit), No fees ( minimum, overdraft and so on) and FDIC insured
Con: no atm reimbursements, neither do they reimburse fees for deposits

$50 Sofi Bonus:
$100 Varo Bonus:

Budgets Video:
Pros: keep track of your expenses and income, credit score and gives your credit offers
Con: that might cause some bias since they are partnered
Very simple not enough customisation

Pro: very detailed and has a learning curve but allows you to dive deep into your finances
Con: it’s not free, 11.99 a month or 83.99 a year

( I use Excel/google sheets (free))
Pro: I customize it exactly how I want to for free

Wealthfront: Savings money
Pro: Transparent, you can set goals like vacations and buying a house, 1.82% APY
Con: Deposit checks yet

Evernote: Taking notes, Ideas, to-do list
Beeminder: Extra motivation lol

Websites: Doctor Credit
Bonus app: Prism ( paying bills),





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